TJTV show (Trans Japan TV)

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Did you miss the show last night? Here you can watch it again for 1 week only! (if you have a nikoniko douga account (Which I don´t))


here is a small soundless treat :


4月26日 特別 秘密 コスプレ予定 Secret Cosplay plan 26th April

I´ve been making a cosplay outfit that I will wear on Saturday
at a special event. I promise to try to take a photo.
I will visualize one of my favorite artists!
And I have planned this cosplay for 2 years so it feels amazing
to finally be able to do it.

Do you dare to guess who it is? 😛



Die Schwarze Frau at Heavy Pop

★5月6日 17時〜22時30

5ht of June, Die Schwarze Frau will perform at Heavy Pop. The event is from 17:00 to 22:30 , price is 1200yen in advanced or 1800yen on the day (drink tickets not included).
At Bar Hell by Sangenjaja station.  For more info check here:

The Bloody Knockers

★4月29日 オープン オーディッション
ユキロがプロヅースする英語「The Bloody Knockers」の役を募集しています。


On the 29th of April we will host an open audition for
Yukiro´s and Remi´s movie “The Bloody Knockers” . The Movie is about girl gangs fighting
and trying to take down the “woman only” Gynarchy, who is ruling all the red light district and underground affairs BitterTown.
We are searching for extras and actors/actress who like this kind of movies and can commit to the following conditions:
●You have to be female or willing to play a female
●You have to be in Japan during June to August and be able to meet for shooting at least 2-3 times( preferable weekends or national holidays)
●You have to be able to read and speak a bit of English

If you are interested in acting or being part of this project please come to our open audition on the 29th of April.
The place and more information will be uploaded on this Facebook page:
/Please take into consideration that this is a non-profit movie attempt and we can sadly not provide anyone with cash or travel expenses./
Let us know if you desire more information and please invite friends who likes acting.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride

★4月27日 Die Schwarze Frau は今年で3年目 東京レインボー プライドのパラードや
参加料はなし!! この華やかなイベントを見逃しては一いけないヨ

感謝到場的每一個人! #TRP2013

27th of April, Die Schwarze Frau will attend Tokyo Gay Pride in Yoyogikoen for the 3rd year in row.
The show time is not settled yet, but will be uploaded in short.
The place is besides Yoyogi-park by the event area.
This event is a lot of fun and celebrates same-sex-love and lets you be who you are.
For more information , check out this URL:


★4月20日(日)20時〜 ユキロは初めての生放送に参加します。
有名な女装写真家 たちばな なおこ のコーナーにモデルの経験や自分の活動について


20th of April from 20:00, Yukiro will be on air with Nama-Housou.
Yukiro will be guesting his favourite photographer Tachibana Naoko who has taken
most of his recent photos. He will talk about his model experience and his current
coming-up projects. It goes without saying but Yukiro will of course dress up for the occasion.