After the Inevitable success with The Bloody Knockers – I thought a lot on how I ended up being SO disgustingly talented,and then I realized that I actually have quite a History of Film-making and Acting in my past. So I decided to List it Down for U people.


  • Little Sister Pub (documentary, Sweden) – Writer, director, act, editing,                                            2002
  • Jansons Frestelse ( teenage-Horror, Swe) – Co-writer, director, acting, editing                                2002
  • Idoit 2004 (parody-short movie, SWE) – co-writing, directing, acting, editing                                       2004
  • Interactive media Trilogy (Hip Hip Häxa, Sur gubbe läser Monolog, Z-files. Swe)                             2003
  • Syster Medvetande (psychological thriller, Swe, English subs) First own Film, act, direct, produce  2004
  • Gothic Lolita Loneliness (Short, art, Swe) act, write, edit, Short movie festival nominee.                  2005
  • Documentär Programmet (Bizarre Comedy. Unedited , Swe) acting, co-writing                                 2006
  • The Abandoned Curse(Horror, English) Trailer , Movie , Bloopers  self-made Japan                       2009-10

Acting the over-sexual teacher Spetza, Starring the famous La Carmina as Rolle the main character (gay emo boy)

Will update later with TV Shows, music-videos and Extra appearance.