The Bloody Knockers

★4月29日 オープン オーディッション
ユキロがプロヅースする英語「The Bloody Knockers」の役を募集しています。


On the 29th of April we will host an open audition for
Yukiro´s and Remi´s movie “The Bloody Knockers” . The Movie is about girl gangs fighting
and trying to take down the “woman only” Gynarchy, who is ruling all the red light district and underground affairs BitterTown.
We are searching for extras and actors/actress who like this kind of movies and can commit to the following conditions:
●You have to be female or willing to play a female
●You have to be in Japan during June to August and be able to meet for shooting at least 2-3 times( preferable weekends or national holidays)
●You have to be able to read and speak a bit of English

If you are interested in acting or being part of this project please come to our open audition on the 29th of April.
The place and more information will be uploaded on this Facebook page:
/Please take into consideration that this is a non-profit movie attempt and we can sadly not provide anyone with cash or travel expenses./
Let us know if you desire more information and please invite friends who likes acting.


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