HALLOWEEN photos and shows ハロウィーン写真とショー★

sorry for not writing in ages. I had a computer crash down etc. Now I´m gonna post photos from my Halloween extravaganza from this year.



10599543_10152669244400210_8745635154981659158_nPhoto from Halloween Sodom


10481388_10152672359485210_2510744291741766090_n DSCN2091 10015170_285736551620759_2223394921899652249_n Photos from Halloween Department H


14-10-05_002 1609588_737579802963140_6127069989929191212_nDie Schwarze Frau performed at Heavy Pop Halloween Special with a super creepy Freddy Krueger Latex mask. Made by my friend Machuu.



14-10-12_001 10639604_10152696819435210_1791316110770333158_n

Next up I had a private halloween home party with my dear friends. I dressed up as Tsukiyama Shuu from the Manga Tokyo Ghoul!We had 3 types of pumpkin pies! Super delicious!

#月山習 のコスプレをホームパーティーにした!かぼちゃパイ 3種類はあったよ!めっちゃうまかったw!!

20141019_162709 20141019_141455 20141019_095811 20141019_175738(1) Next I went to Japanese Music Festival LOUD PARK with a friend. It was super nice to see some good bands and hang out there.


10471256_10152724336150210_7793697094193646372_n 10389997_736693579718429_7251111894440757920_n 10805688_736693599718427_128366886463572748_n


I did the traditional Maleficent look but in a male-ish version at Tokyo Dark Castle!

150 140 134On the real Halloween 31th. I went to drink with friends in Shinjuku! Super fun with so many creative costumes. I did Sally from A Nightmare before Christmas.Before that I went to see BAAL at a live house.



1376463_772914366107948_2405131083200571316_n 14-11-01_006 14-11-01_004Die Schwarze Frau did yet another ghastly appearance. This time at Trump Room for their big Halloween event.DSFはまた出現していた!渋谷トランプルームに踊りマックりした。

1911727_10205147270300970_8669470645837359840_n 10676400_10205146558563177_574935677648608196_n 10690349_10205146829289945_5639530860291086478_n

最後に魔中君の特集メーク学園祭でモデルとしてファッションショーに出ました。苦しかったが、グランプリーがいただきました上でとても満足した★ My last and greatest halloween project was to be a model at Machhuus school festival. Together we won the first prize with this Ice DEMON look

I just mention the major adventures I had during halloween season I also went to several concert like Queen Kaya and Prince Kamijo which were super amazing since on both occasion they called me out and made contact with me during their shows (stuff that never happens)


Please share with me what you did on Halloween this year! Id love to read about it


Till next time では!

Love and Fairytale 愛と魔

Yukiro 雪蕗