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After the Inevitable success with The Bloody Knockers – I thought a lot on how I ended up being SO disgustingly talented,and then I realized that I actually have quite a History of Film-making and Acting in my past. So I decided to List it Down for U people.


  • Little Sister Pub (documentary, Sweden) – Writer, director, act, editing,                                            2002
  • Jansons Frestelse ( teenage-Horror, Swe) – Co-writer, director, acting, editing                                2002
  • Idoit 2004 (parody-short movie, SWE) – co-writing, directing, acting, editing                                       2004
  • Interactive media Trilogy (Hip Hip Häxa, Sur gubbe läser Monolog, Z-files. Swe)                             2003
  • Syster Medvetande (psychological thriller, Swe, English subs) First own Film, act, direct, produce  2004
  • Gothic Lolita Loneliness (Short, art, Swe) act, write, edit, Short movie festival nominee.                  2005
  • Documentär Programmet (Bizarre Comedy. Unedited , Swe) acting, co-writing                                 2006
  • The Abandoned Curse(Horror, English) Trailer , Movie , Bloopers  self-made Japan                       2009-10

Acting the over-sexual teacher Spetza, Starring the famous La Carmina as Rolle the main character (gay emo boy)

Will update later with TV Shows, music-videos and Extra appearance.


The Bloody Knockers on Youtube 映画のユーチューブ登場お知らせ!

やっとTHE BLOODY KNOCKERSがYoutubeに登場しました。まだ観賞してない方は是非^w^*日本語字幕付*

Here is the long called for、 The Bloody Knockers (with Jap subtitles)


この映画は丁度1年前に、私はRemikoちゃんに声をかけて、一緒に映画を作りませんかと。^^ 実物が出来たとは夢のようです。



Above you can also see the Almost as amazing trailer !!

It´s now about 1 year since I asked Remiko if “she” wanted to make a movie with me, and it´s almost like a dream that we were able to make it happen!

I am really thankful for everyone who supported, acted, helped out or took interest in this movie project! 😀

There is also some nasty rumors that there will be a Blooper video up in a near future… 😛 so follow us :

Tumblr: http://bloodyknockers.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloodyknockers
CREDITS http://bloodyknockers.tumblr.com/credits

Promo Picture
Promo Picture

The Bloody Knockers! Movie Premiere! 自分の映画が上映する1月31日!

bloodyknockers bloodyteam予告






Me and my dear friend Remiko has been working on The Bloody knockers now for about 10 month. Everything from writing the script to the final execution and Screening party we have done together. Up till now I have only worked by myself and completely created my own crazy minds videos. But working together with someone makes you limit yourself and you get invaluable feedback  and idea exchanges that probably have made this movie to the best one so far And taking it to a whole new level. We got support from a lot of friends and this time we had plenty of talented actresses working with us making me completely confident in the final product and cannot wait for people to lay their eyes on it.

We had plan a 30min movie, but the final result is almost 1 hr. Lol

Promo Picture
Promo Picture


【作品あらすじ】 【Story】
The Bloody Knockers is retro style Girl-Gang with Maraud in the lead with  her two companions Las Tetas and Panella. Together they fight against the evil underground union “The Gynarchy”.
Follow them through shame, suffering, conquering and Titillation in a true B-movie style atmosphere.
主人公マロドは2人仲間、ラス・テタスとパネラは ザ・ブラディー・ノッカーズというグループを結団する。

【チケット料金】 【Ticket price】
400円 , 400yen
★ドリンク申し込み自由。 Can bring your own drinks.
キャスト無料! Staff and Cast goes in for free!

Tickets are bought same day at the door! 当日販売しかありませんので、時間を守って来場にご購入くださいませ。

【上映タイムスケジュール】 【Time Schedule】
初回  20時~21時
2回目 21時~22時

Opens from 19:30
1st screening: 20:00-21:00
2st screening: 21:00-22:00

【言語、字幕】 【Subtitles】
English with Japanese Subtitles


詳しい情報はこちらです https://www.facebook.com/events/700882333364470/